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Dear friend, I really don't like putting up a page about testimonials and what others say about me. To me it seems a bit boastful and being boastful is not something the man on the spiritual should be doing. I've done my my best not to put the really awesome ones here so that you don't think people think I walk on water or something. I just put in a few that touched my heart from time to home. It is my hope that if you 're shy or hesitant, you'll see from the few folks below, that  I am not a scary guy at all. 🙂  ~ Love, Vaughn

Excellent Advice... Thanks for the encouragement!

Debra Reynolds Author

Excellent advice, Vaughn, in a very nice allegory. I have struggled with this very thing, thanks for the encouragement!

Keep sounding the clarion is being heard!

Cynthia Owens-Manns Author

Hi Vaughn. I enjoyed and shared your article on Good Advice/Bad Advice. You're absolutely correct and it breaks my heart the direction society is taking not just our young people but some of the adults as well. It is all of our responsibility to speak the truth and protect those who are vulnerable. Keep sounding the clarion is being heard!

Absolutely the best thing you can possibly do

Anthony Miller

Hey!!!! Just read Change Your Day Please. Absolutely the best thing you can possibly do. In fact, that's the ONLY thing we can do. All the regrets in the world won't change it, so do what you can to make positive change going forward. Great read. Shared 5x!!!!

I love your stuff

Marty Hynes Author

I love your stuff Vaughn Berkeley (Author)! You bless me every week brotha! I gladly shared Abundance Manifested. My latest is about being the GREATNESS that God has created us for.

I'll be sure to practice them...

Claudette McFADDEN Author

Hi Vaughn, I've just read and shared your article "change your day please" - it's a great read - thanks for the tips you shared - I'll be sure to practice them....

I knew there was a lesson to be learnt

Rhona Bachan Author

Hi Vaughn, I knew there was a lesson to be learnt from your article: THE TIME WAS SHORT. Goodness you can write so very good

I really loved your last article and...

Limor Markman Author/Entrepreneur

Hey Vaughn, Abundance is everywhere and all you need to do is choose to see it - I really loved your last article and shared it multiple times. I'm now your latest fan and I look forward to your upcoming content!

likeminded people, we are!

Shari Reinhart Author

Really enjoy reading your ideas and thoughts - likeminded people, we are! When we function from an abundance mindset rather than one from lack we attract more abundance. Anyone who has that experience will agree!!! Thanks for the readsss

Liked it so much I shared it 3X

TrinaAnn Pion Author

Hello, Vaughn!
I just wanted to let you know that I read your piece “Be Emotionally Strong.” I liked it so much I shared it 3x!!! I definitely going to read more.

Always on point. Always excellent.

Irene Mielke Author

Hi Vaughn. I finally got around to reading your articles this morning. Always on point. Always excellent. You're a great writer. Keep empowering us all with your wisdom.

Lovely article this week Vaughn

Gary Dwyer Author / Police Officer

Lovely article this week Vaughn Berkeley (Author) Memories and experiences are timeless... I am getting married to my beautiful lady next Friday and looking forward immensely to the memory we are creating.... Keep up the good work.... Gary x

Vaughn Rocks It!

Sarah Coolidge Author / Editor

Yay! As usual, Vaughn Berkeley (Author) rocks it!

...importance of investing our money towards...

Beth Childress Christian Author

All the buzz over the last couple of days has been centered around the destruction of the historic building. Vaughn Berkeley, while he acknowledges the merit of giving to the restoration of the cathedral, reminds us of the importance of investing our money towards that which cannot be destroyed by human hands.

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