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Are you ready to stop free-falling, to find meaning and purpose, and to begin living a life of worth?

Process Steps

In your mind you must have the following thought processes in place...


KNOW what you really want to achieve in your life and not what folks think you want.


ELIMINATE all things which remove you from the path to your success.


OBTAIN the tools and skills needed to move you forward in your life purpose.

About 23 years of achieving little goals and balancing needs vs wants has led to consistent accomplishments for Vaughn over the time. Can you enumerate the accomplishments you have achieved in the past 24, 36 or  even 48 months?

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About Vaughn Berkeley

Vaughn really hates to describe himself because he hates labels on people. He believes labels are for clothes, food items, jobs, animals, and other things but not humans. Why? Because labels have been used by humans more often than not to foster hatred and division. Vaughn's a human being on a quest to help others achieve more, leave a meaningful legacy, and enjoy living a life of worth.

I've done all the big things before I was 30 years old. I started life with nothing in a brand new country. I went to university for my undergrad degree. I completed my Masters degree. I created a multimillion dollar bursary system for students at Ryerson University. I was Conference Chairman of the Ryerson University Equity Conference with over 200 delegates. Now I focus on a slow-lifestyle! Life is simple and priorities are put into perspective and order. 

Now, all Vaughn really cares about is building a legacy. Now Vaughn's focus is on helping others build skills, exit the rat-race, live more connected to the earth, and have a lasting relationship to the creator of heaven and earth in preparation for eternity. Vaughn's desire is for you to find your focus before you find your life is built on a house of cards. Click Here To Learn More About Vaughn