Below are the four company/focus areas where Vaughn dedicates his energy in order to serve humanity in a way that he believes does the most good and will help the most people in body, mind, and soul. Each of these entities can help you in some aspect of your individual prosperity, personal life experience enrichment, as well as spiritual growth. 

​Berkeley Academy

​CM Berkeley Media Group

​EternityWatch Magazine


​Vaughn's Recommended Resources

​​This course is designed by Vaughn to help you ​break the ​mental chains which keep you trapped in the modern rat-race. You will learn Biblical principles to help you set your schedule in accordance with the creator's plan for humanity. When you begin to understand these principles, you'll be kicking yourself for not knowing this sooner. 

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​​This course is designed by Vaughn to ​help you train for fighting spiritual forces. It is a 52-week crash course to pump you with information. Jesus disciples had 3.5 years with him. You get 52 weeks of intensive training. If you're tired of a powerless Christian life warming the benches and want to get into the game, this is for you.

​Coming soon!

​​This course is designed by Vaughn to help you ​break the slavery shakles of the 40-hour work week or even worst, the 6 days of toil most people perform each week. Using a blend of scriptural lessons and financial skills, Vaughn will show you what you need to do to obtain the coveted 2-Day Workweek. Don't take this if you haven't done the Modern Rat-Race Escape course.  

​​Coming Soon!

Bringing Your Heart Home: This book was written by Vaughn after discovering this building technique that could possibly change the world for the poor. He takes a spiritual and practical look at housing and smashes the lies people believe today.

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Break The Poverty Curse: Unlock Your Prosperity (2017 Edition). This book was written for anyone who is struggling to get free from the general curse of poverty. Grandparents poor? Parents poor? You poor? This is not accidental. Find answers in this sought-after book today!

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​Fresh Food4Life: This book was written​ for you to understand how totally reliant we are on the food supply system in the cities. Part Wake-Up-Call and part documentary, it will surely open your eyes to the world you've never realized.

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​The DC74 (A Maximitas Novel). This ​thriller suspense action novel was written by Vaughn Berkeley along with newcomer author, Irene Mielke! Their first collaboration will be sure to keep you in suspense. 

​Coming: ​Summer 2019!

​Unholy Fyre (A Maximitas Novel): This ​thriller suspense action novel was written by Vaughn Berkeley. Join in as you follow the adventure of Dr Max through dangerous situation, and other worldly forces. 

​Coming: December 2019!

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