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Vaughn Berkeley, MBA
​Bestselling Author, Magazine Publisher, Course Designer

Berkeley, MBA,  Vaughn

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News & Announcements



​May ​14, 20​20

​Ottawa March for Life. (March/Rally for the life of the unborn child.) Toronto March not announced yet.

​​April 4, 2020

Break The Poverty Curse - CRASH PROOF Book Launch!


​Baptism in Trinidad and Tobago.


​Launching new online course. Details to follow!

Vaughn​'s Special Offer

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​​I'm launching this brand new course, Codename: XTREME. I'm not even mentioning it to the public until later ​in 2020. The price will be a range between $399 to $599. But if you want to be a beta user, and help me identify any hiccups, you can get access for $99. (Limited-time offer)

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​Books & Magazine Covers

​Below are some of my book projects and also a few of the magazine issues where my writing can be found. ​

Unholy Fyre Book 1
Unholy Fyre Book 2
Unholy Fyre Book 3

The Maximitas Chronicles is my first and only fictional series. Unholy Fire (Book 1) was launched in March of 2019. THe Unholy Fire series will continue with books 2 and 3 coming out by the end of 2019. ​

Unholy Fyre Book 1
Fresh Food4Life
Break The Poverty Curse

​These books are available on and other major online booksellers.

Men's Health Issue
Obesity Issue
Stress Issue
Pregnancy Issue

​These are a ​few of the most recent magazines to read my articles.

​Questions and Answers

Q: ​For some reason, I cannot access my course, or download. What should I do? 

​Access will only be granted to courses when the access date arrives. If you register in March for a course starting in June, you will have access in June. 

Q: ​I had access to my materials but then I got locked out. What's wrong?

(1) ​Our system is designed to monitor user logins. If you shared your password with family and friends and they all logged in, our system will lock your account. (2) If you are on a subscription, and you cancelled or your credit card was declined, the system will expire your access when the month is over. (3) If your course had ended more than 60 days ago, your access will be removed from the course. 

Q: ​How can I help out with any of your ministry outreach?

​I am delighted by your interest in helping out with ministry outreach, please go to the ticket system  ​by click in support, and enter your details and we can contact you.

Q: ​I want to ​rededicate myself to Yahuah. When is the next baptism?

​If you want to be baptised and have completed the training program, put in a support ticket and I can connect you with a local group that can assist you.  

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