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March 22, 2018


Do you see the path we are heading down? In ths piece, I'm putting forward an idea and asking you to think about it and perhaps imagine what a solution would look like. This is one that will impact all of us. Check it out now. Reading Time: 6 minutes

Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it. ~ Benjamin Franklin

In this information era where everyone is given an opportunity to voice their views and opinions as gospel, who do you listen to for wisdom. ~ Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

I’ve noticed an increasingly disturbing trend over the last 20 years and it worries me for our young people. This problem is one that I am unsure of how we can possibly overcome on a systemic level. Maybe small pockets of people will understand but I am saddened as the majority will only continue down the wide path. If you’ll accompany me in this piece, I’ll explain my observation to you.

A quick search of the internet about education brings up a plethora of negative headlines such as, ‘Schools are still killing creativity’,’When school feels like prison’,’Canadian students feel stress, anxiety, have suicidal thoughts’,’how the education system is making kids stressed and sick.’ This ongoing negativity toward the educational system is so systemic that among all age groups, the importance of educational excellence is declining.

Those most unqualified to teach are given the biggest platform to share their message and people gobble up misinformation as a universal fact #badteachers

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About the author 

Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

I'm a father of 3, a published author of 60+ books, a writing coach, and an online instructor. I'm a gangsta gardener so when I'm not working on my book projects, you'll find me in my garden! I'm working on a special project I'm not at liberty to discuss yet but my fans will know first in 2023/24, These days, I'm on a spiritual quest to discover more about the meaning of life and my our purpose. I lost a dear friend in 2018 and so I'm more focused that ever on what truly matters in this life: People.

  • Hi Vaughn. Interesting article: “Good Advice Bad Advice.” I think teachers are some of the most respectable people on the planet. They’re just doing their job.

    I think you could say the same about any person in any profession. Interesting concepts.

    • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

      Thanks Irene for your comment and your support. I appreciate you for that. Take care. ~ Love, Vaughn

  • Kristine Kruszelnicki says:

    Worthwhile thoughts about the people who are shaping our society today, from my friend Vaughn.

    • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

      Hi Kristine, thank you my friend for your kind words about my article. I look forward to reading your pieces soon. ~ Love, Vaughn

  • Allen Buck says:

    Wise words, Vaughn Berkeley!

    • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

      Thank you Allen for your kind words of support. I’m glad you enjoyed my piece. Please continue to keep in touch. ~ Love, Vaughn

  • Jacquie Kaufman-Ludwick says:

    As a teacher who tries to fulfill the needs of all my students I am offended by this article. You have taken an important profession to a lie level because of some corrupt teachers! I am glad that you do mention those you do not teach for money, do not give advice and are a credit to there profession. Too bad the governments do not find [fund?] our teachers and schools so that we can make a better impact. Just my personal thoughts! I did share 5x and wonder if I my feelings are online with some others!

    • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

      My dear friend, I am delighted by your feedback and my article is not in anyway intended to slight those true teachers who like you, are going above and beyond to nurture the hearts and minds of our youth. In fact, some of my best childhood moments were due to awesome teachers. The “teachers” I am referring to are the modern day entertainers/salespeople selling their “courses” online that contains little to no true content. Notice my examples of our modern day teachers: movie stars, entertainers, salesmen. Entertainers have the biggest platforms. Salesmens, they also hold “free” seminars at hotels where they sell “courses”. In my piece, I also lament the general atmosphere of ill-will toward the real education system that drives young adults to these types of venues to try to learn. In a just world, teachers would be held in the highest esteem as keepers of knowledge and as guardians of the hearts and minds of our youth and young adults. In a just world, Education would be well funded by governments. I hope this clarifies my intent. If still unclear, drop me another note on my wall. Let’s engage more. ~ Love, Vaughn.

  • Marty Hynes says:

    Great wisdom and advice Vaughn Berkeley with your latest article! Shared with my fans

    • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

      Dear Marty, thanks for your kind words and your support. I’m glad you found my piece on education entitled, “Good Advice Bad Advice” worthwhile. Looking forward to engaging with you more friend. ~ Love, Vaughn

  • Debra Reynolds says:

    Just read your piece, “Good advice, bad advice”. You make some very sound points. At times, I despair, then I spend some time with my children (in their 20s) and their friends. And I recover hope. Our “system” is broken, even our society. We should work to model what we feel is best, of course, and try to change our system and society. And we should never miss what we can do by helping individuals. Many of the most well-balanced and knowledgeable people I know were largely self-taught. And each can point to someone who taught them a little good advice. Keep writing!

    • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

      Hey Debra my friend. Thank you for your kind words and thoughtful comment. Indeed, I agree with you that at times we can see evidence that the system is broken. I agree we should “work to model what we feel is best.” People who can learn within the system and then learn good advice outside of the system can find opportunities in life. Let’s stay engaged friend. ~ Love, Vaughn

  • Cynthia Owens-Manns says:

    Hi Vaughn. I enjoyed and shared your article on Good Advice/Bad Advice. You’re absolutely correct and it breaks my heart the direction society is taking not just our young people but some of the adults as well. It is all of our responsibility to speak the truth and protect those who are vulnerable. Keep sounding the clarion call…it is being heard!

    • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

      Dear Cynthia, thank you for your lovely note and your kind words. I appreciare you for it and yes, I will continue to sound the call. I wish you to join me by echoing the call when you hear it so more might awaken to the things going on. Have a good day friend. ~ Love, Vaughn

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