Feedback On 2021 Success Planner

This is dedicated to leaving feedback about the 2021 planner. I'll look at this and try to implement some of the ideas for the next planner. I love improving it little by little.

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August 23, 2021

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Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

I'm a father of 3, a published author of 13 books, a writing coach, and an online instructor. I'm working on my book projects and a very special project I'm not at liberty to discuss yet but my fans will know first in 2022/23, These days, I'm on a spiritual quest to discover more about the meaning of life and my our purpose. I lost a dear friend in 2018 and so I'm more focused that ever on what truly matters in this life: People.

  • Vaughn Berkeley, says:

    No need to have the asset/debt ledger each week. Will switch to a once per month schedule for it.

  • Vaughn Berkeley, says:

    Certain routine things a believer does each day should be put into the new version so that no need to write it every day. Ex. Am Prayer, Pm Prayer, etc.

  • Vaughn Berkeley, says:

    With the weather and seasons playing such an important part in life these days, include a space for tracking weather temperature.

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