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October 11, 2017

It’s amazing to see how so many women have come together with the #MeToo campaign. It seems like so many women have suffered in silence for way too long. But that’s not what I want to focus on. I’d like to focus on how those women have come together to support and lift each other up. They’re all trying to climb that ladder of success. Indeed we are all trying to climb that ladder of success. So in this article I’ll share what you two important points that I take away from this situation.

About 20+ years ago when I was a young man, I read a lesson from the Rabbi. This lesson is about a story of two young boys playing on the streets of Brooklyn. As the boys played a game trying to see who was taller they were jumping on objects along the sidewalk trying to make themselves taller than the other. The Rabbi observed the game along with some of his students. Then he saw one of the boys push his friend off the sidewalk into the street and then proclaim himself to be the taller boy. The Rabbi looked at this behaviour, and told his students that the boy who pushed the other one was in danger of growing up to be an evil person. Why do you ask? Because to the boy’s left was a flight of stairs which he could’ve climb to proclaim himself taller but he chose to knock his friend down in order to proclaim himself the winner. That was an evil inclination and if not addressed by instruction in righteousness  that boy would grow into a man with no remorse or hesitation in pushing down others.

This Weinstein fellow strikes me as a kind of character who had no remorse for taking advantage of women, and maybe even men in business deals, due to his position of influence and power in that fleshmarket known as Hollywood. I wonder how many friends did he pushed down as a young man trying to win that game of rising to the top? While we can blame him for the man he had become my thoughts also dwell on the failed interventions of a righteous teacher in his formative years. Where were all the righteous friends in his adult years to set him straight? Was there no righteous, not one in his life for those decades?

We’re all climbing up a ladder. There are those ahead of us and those beneath us. Some are friends and some are enemies. I want to share two principles with you in this article that I use as my personal guide. Those and lots of other principles of righteousness are in my book, Break The Poverty Curse: Unlock Your Prosperity.

  • Principle #1: Don’t Kick A Person Down Just So You Can Get Ahead: It may seem simple right, but there are tons of ways you might be kicking people down without even realizing it. If you’re doing this, even if you’re a woman, you’re reflecting an evil trait of that bad boy.
  •  Principle #2: Never Withhold Money From Those Who Earned It: There’s an unrighteous practice of withholding money from people for two weeks or a month depending on the type of salaried position a person holds in a company. That’s unjust. In my book, I talk about how evil this practice is and how it is making war against the very poor.  This is a trait of placing a burdensome load upon the back of poor folks and those who justify themselves to do it are reflecting a trait of evil.

If these two things are tugging at your heart and conscience, don’t ignore it. It will not stop unless the right thing is done to remedy the situation.  Righteousness is not simply doing good. It is so much more. Until next time, continue to learn and grow.

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