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February 6, 2019

​Vaughn's Commentary

​Motivational are all the rage these days. This post is where I listen to a motivational video and point out some subtle way it works against the kingdom of righteousness, or not. The video ​for this post is about the relationship between the speaker and his father. ​His talk pulls on many emotional ​strings. T Harv Eker ​does not believe in the god of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Listen to my commentary after.

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Description: This is a video about the importance of a father-son relationship.
Source: Youtube/Goalcast
Website: goalcast.com

​Click on the play icon to hear my commentary.

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I'm a father of 3, a published author of 13 books, a writing coach, and an online instructor. I'm working on my book projects and a very special project I'm not at liberty to discuss yet but my fans will know first in 2022/23, These days, I'm on a spiritual quest to discover more about the meaning of life and my our purpose. I lost a dear friend in 2018 and so I'm more focused that ever on what truly matters in this life: People.

  • Vaughn Berkeley, MBA says:

    Do you have a similar story of taking a long time to clear the air with your mother or father? Let me know in this comment section.

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