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March 27, 2018


​In this piece, Vaughn shares his thoughts on the failure of writers in writing short pieces and the reason he loves to help out writers who challenge themselves with longer pieces. Check it out now. Reading Time: 3 minutes

​I can't stand the short story form, which, after all, is a magazine form. ~ Jim Harrison.

​It takes tremendous skill within the writer to take a complex concept and distill it into it's simplest, most understandable form. Not everyone can do that. ~ Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

​Today, I wanted to write about one of my pet peeves. There is a tendancy of "writers" to pass off a paragraph or a couple paragraphs as an article.

To me, that type of content belongs more in the realm of a twitter tweet or a facebook post. I really enjoy sharing articles from other writers working on perfecting their craft.

I think it is something special to observe and be a part of.

it upsets me to no end when I see someone who professes to be a writer and the type of pieces they write are barely longer than 250 words

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​But it upsets me to no end when I see someone who professes to be a writer and the type of pieces they write are barely longer than 250 words.  To me, it has the feeling of a student being told to write a five page essay and the turning in a five page essay that's double spaced with 15 point font. 

Granted, there are topics that don't require a long piece in order to get into it. And that's why we have memes, emojis, poetry, and tweets. A good writer users the correct medium in order to convey the message to the audience in the proper way.

Don't believe me? Well then, let's go listen to that movie together without any picture.​

​Now, there are authors who are so skilled at their craft that they can say in 500 words what would take a novice 2000 words. But these highly skilled individuals are a rare breed and when you find them it is indeed a jewel of great worth.

​So what kind of content do I enjoy sharing from other authors?

​At Least 500 words: ​Most folks are not a master of the craft of wrtiting and so I find that a piece needs at a very minimum 500 words to get the point across. When it's less than that, it leaves me feeling frustrated with the author. Think romance instead of wham, bam. thank-you maam.

​Raw and Real: ​I love to share pieces that are raw and real. We are all humans and pieces that help us understand the human condition or experience are really great for me to read and to share. That said, I don't like poetry. I can't follow those micro-sentences with half thoughts. That's me.

​Makes our world better: The ​last thing that influences the pieces I read and share is whether I get the sense that it will leave our world in a better place when the next person after me reads it. I want to feel like I'm doing good by sharing the piece. We all want to feel that way.


​In writing this article, I wanted you to get a glimpse into the type of writing that appeals to me in case you're thinking of wrtiting for the magazine or on the platform where I connect with other authors. Why is it important anyway? Because suppose I died and people wanted to see the things I shared in the last 24 hours of my life to show at my funeral service. Would I want those people to see foolish ​memes, cat videos, or would I want those people at my funeral to see a highlight thoughtful, uplifting, and truly worthy content?

I wish you well in your writing dreams and encourage you to avoid a "short piece fail" by embracing the long form writing if you truly want to be a writer.

Until next time, continue to learn and grow.

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