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March 30, 2017

Did you feel totally awkward reading Life Sucks And Then You Die (Part 1)? If you did, have you taken the time to ponder why was that? Do you think it just seemed to negative to you? Or maybe it felt like peeling of a scab? What exactly was unpleasant about it? Could you articulate those feelings in a meaningful way? The reaction was not totally unexpected by me. Now as I sit here looking at this page and think how deep should I take you down the rabbit hole or should I turn back and take leave you in happier, shallow waters? If you want to explore further, come with me on the literary journey otherwise come no further.

Faith, Hope, and Genocide

These days the mantra is to live for the moment. It’s about YOLO (You Only Live Once). By the way, have you considered that the saying YOLO is actually a more palatable expression of Life Sucks And Then You Die? The logic goes like this… you should do action X because you only live once and if you didn’t do action X, then your life would suck and then you would regret it before you die. YOLO is an attempt to get the person to choose careless abandonment because life sucks anyway. So Just Do It! (see what I did there?)

A Beautiful Lady Who Would Be Queen

Once there was a beautiful young lady who was living in a foreign kingdom. Her life started out sad. Some might say it sucked. She and her people were exiles in a foreign land. Both her mother and father, whom she loved, died when she was a little girl. She found a bit of luck when her older cousin took her to raise her as his own daughter. As she grew up her beauty increased year by year. She also had a very good character. She cared about others because she had the love of God in her heart.

One day the king of that land decided he wanted a new queen because the old queen was to be exiled. The king sent to fetch all the young ladies in the land to interview for his position. They were to be prepared for one year before the king would see them. This lovely young lady was torn from her father. That day certainly sucked. Those were many sad days. Her father would come by the palace where the women were held and inquire regularly about the condition of his daughter. She would send word she is doing fine. each time. Both of them kept hope alive that things would work out.

When the big day came, all the ladies were brought to the king one by one and he finally selected this young lady to be his queen. There was joy because their faith was validated. But the story doesn’t end there. Sometime later the young queen’s father had become hated by the prime minister because he refused to bow to the prime minister. The prime minister’s pride was wounded because of this man who refused to bow but the prime minister didn’t want to kill this man and give people the impression he was vindictive so he hatched a plan to destroy every person belonging to the nationality of the man who refused to bow. To avenge his hurt pride that wicked prime minister was willing to commit genocide.

This Prime Minister did not know that the man was the father of the queen as she was sworn to secrecy not to reveal it by her father. The date was fixed that on the 13th of a certain month, the people loyal to the king should rise up and kill these people because they did not follow all the peculiar rules of the kingdom. The Prime Minister felt his plan was foolproof. He would rid himself of all those rebellious people with one fell swoop. If ever one could exclaim, “Life Sucks and then you die” it would be those people. Yet, the queen’s father would not give up or bow to circumstance. He told the queen to go see the king and explain the situation and plead for her people. The queen asked her father to tell all her people in the town to fast for three days. Then she would go in to the king.

The Happy Ending

The people all managed to live. On the day their enemies came to destroy them, the king had authorised the peculiar people to use any means necessary to defend their lives and save themselves and their wives and children. That 13th day became an unlucky day for the enemies of those people. The genocide was averted. The people were allowed to live in peace.

How We Live Determines How We Live

The way we approach life will ultimately determine how we live our life on this planet. Look around you today. The United States of America seems to be a place of terrible turmoil these days. There appears to be many long term negative consequences of the decisions made by the current president. Yet, there are some who claim that all is happening for good. Yet the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Poverty is colour blind. People like to post the quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It sounds great but how many people are actually living that principle? Are you? How can I live that principle? If I want to see more joy in the world, does that mean that I need to walk around being happy all the time? If I want to see more love in the world, do I walk around loving myself more each day? If I don’t want to see homeless people sleeping under an overpass, do I put down spike strips so they can’t sleep there or do I give them $5 to get a meal? Neither one of those options is adequate.

The Greater Good Must Motivate You

There are many people who started in life with rather poor circumstances. They might have thought life sucked and then you die. Yet, the spark of hope in them was never extinguished. Andrew Carnegie began as a humble steel worker and became a multimillionaire. Henry Ford, a poor and uneducated fellow had dreams of a horseless carriage in a world where the horseless carriage didn’t exist. John Bunyan wrote the classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress after he had been imprisoned and punished for his religious views. Life Sucked during those days in that prison. Charles Dickens began by pasting labels on blacking pots until the day Life Sucked so much that he felt he could die. Booker T . Washington was born in slavery. Life had dealt him a bad hand being a black man in a world cruel to black men. Life Sucked in that world for a black man. But he was a dreamer. He went on to found the Tuskegee Institute and become one of the most celebrated educators and orators in the world.


Life can be more! Another tip in overcoming the viewpoint that the world sucks and then you die is to find your path in the world to serve the greater good. Add to this a sense of urgency because each day gone is one less for you to serve the world. The people I mentioned above had dreams bigger than their circumstances or were driven to do more in spite of their circumstances. In the mundane existence of your life, in the drab and boring progression of time, in the feeling of loneliness and loss, what is your biggest meaning you can bring to the world? If Life Does Suck and Then You Die, what would it take for you to live life more abundantly than you ever dreamed possible? Find the answer and you will find the essence that manifests great autobiographies. Become a fan on my author page so you will get my email message that has another tip. Until next time, continue to learn and grow. ~ V.

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I'm a father of 3, a published author of 13 books, a writing coach, and an online instructor. I'm working on my book projects and a very special project I'm not at liberty to discuss yet but my fans will know first in 2022/23, These days, I'm on a spiritual quest to discover more about the meaning of life and my our purpose. I lost a dear friend in 2018 and so I'm more focused that ever on what truly matters in this life: People.

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