March 8, 2021

Vaughn's Take On This Tech


  • I'm loving the ease at which the tech spits out houses.
  • There is tremendous potential to create quick, low cost housing for single families.
  • The approvals from the German government for commercial use is a major milestone in the industry.
  • Over time, the machinery will get cheaper, more efficient, and with more capabilities.
  • Key point: Dubai wants to 3D print a quarter of its homes by 2030! That's huge! It's 2021.


  • It will be totally disruptive to the current way of building.
  • This may cause a lot of fear and backlash from labour unions.
  • Housing values will drop leaving current homeowners will less equity in their homes.
  • As it is still extremely new tech, getting mortgages or home insurance may be more challenging.


I can't say how much I'm excited by the possibilities of this technology. I would love to be an early adopter of such tech but I'd want to know that it is designed for cold Canadian climates, and that it has more of the kinks worked out. I'll be keeping an eye on it going forward and I suggest you do to!


1. Full 4 minute video,

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Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

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