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Thank you for coming to ​this page. I want to take a moment to welcome you to what I hope will be the moment in your life when everything changes! You see, I want to ​inroduce to some materials that has changed my life and I know it can do the same for you. It pertains to wealth. Will it make you rich? I don't know. But will it give you some clues about why you are still living in poverty and in curse? I strongly believe it will.

​Read the page below and decide if this is for you.

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​You must have heard some time in your life that Jewish people have lots of money. If you look at the Jewish community, they run businesses, they own land and buildings, they do indeed have many blessings as a people. So what is it about the Jewish people that gives them this magnetism to money?


​I wrote the book, Break The Poverty Curse for visible minorities, single mothers, and basically anyone who considers themselves part of the 99% of working stiffs just trying to get by and live a nice life. As hard as you work, there could be supernatural factors that are holding you down from achieving the kind of wealth that most people only dream of.


That there is something to be learned from the Jewish understanding of money as it relates to the spiritual realm. I designed a set of worksheets based on a series of videos I saw more than a decade ago. Plus I updated it with my own information to help you. I don't know if these old videos exist anywhere else on the web anymore.  But I watch them every so often to remind me of some of the principles I need to know. I'll even let you get a sneak peek at them too, if you're nice. 

​Now for the first time, even, I am sharing my worksheets with you for a very low price. These are not get rich quick principles but slow but steady principles that has worked to create multi-millionaires.

  • ​Are you feeling like you are under a curse? In this mini-course, I show you how t​here are so many ways for curses to come on you, it will blow your mind. You might actually under a curse.
  • Do ​you make money and it goes away like air out of your pocket? In this course, I ​tell you about a "devourer" of money, assets, and other things people own. 
  • What is the one guaranteed way from heaven to ​get wealth? ​You'll exactly the same thing I learned more than a decade ago.
  • ​How can you get money fast without much effort? ​There's two ways to get money fast and I'll tell you why you don't need them.


​​I normally don't share my materials like this with people because they don't understand it, or don't appreciate it, and I end up feeling worse for trying to help people. So I'm making this page available for a short time only AND I'm only inviting certain folks like you. This page is not promoted any other way. In fact, I'm asking you not to tell anyone else about this page or this secret... 

I know exactly how many people I invited to this page so if I invited 10 of you and 15 people join up, I'll know someone talked and I'll shut down the page. My worksheets alone are worth $50 without the other stuff in there. 


​It costs me money to host this material and to run this website and make it available to you. I'm not selling this material behind here. What I am doing is asking for you to pray first, and make a donation based on the buttons below. Whatever God impresses you to give to help me offset my costs, will help.




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​I'm not actually selling the material listed on this page. Any money you give to me is considered a personal donation to me to help me offset some of my expenses in hosting this page and making the materials available to you. If you want to give a donation, I will greatly appreciate but please don't give me a donation to tell me a couple days later you want your money back. It ain't happening. ​ Once you access the material and it is in your brain, there no way to get it back. So donate with a clean heart or don't donate.

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