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​Q. Why should I become a member of Vaughn's Tribe?

​A.  We all need to be around people that support us in the way we think, the way we live, the way we most need help. We're all broken in some respects and we're all a work in progress. The problem is MOST of the goo-roos out there want all your money up front, and expect you to do what they did immediately. And when you fail, they're all, "NOT MY PROBLEM." I have people who I've worked with for years to get a breakthrough. That's LOYALTY.

3 ​Benefits of TRIBE Membership

​You're stuck with no one who cares... your survival depends on the right tribe. 


It's shameful how much hand holding I do with you. But I care!


​Book,  Videos, Cheatsheets, and other resources (family discounted).

​​​Discover ​Vaughn's Tribal ​Way

​Vaughn's about helping people transform their lives.

Vaughn is an angel, if I can describe him as one. It took him more than 4 years of working with my subbornness to give me a breakthrough. He stuck it out with me, and he understood my challenges. I owe him everything. He believed in me when others didn't. Thanks Vaughn. I love you!

Irene Mielke

​Irene Mielke


​Without Vaughn's help I would have never gotten my book published. When the Spirit laid my book on my heart, I knew ​HE would guide me to the one to help me publish it. Vaughn was patient, understanding, and he went the extra distance to help me. Thank you Vaughn!

Juilette Robinson-Bailey

​Juilette Robinson-Bailey


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​When you sign up here, ​you will be part of the tribe. You'll get access to my library of articles on all kinds of topics plus access to new monthly Tribe Member only ​content. For believers, you can think of this as a monthly offering going toward supporting one who is teaching your the good and straight way.  Invest in yourself!


​You're starting your spiritual journey as a disciple.




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​You're on the journey but need to grow more.




  • ​Leader In The Making
  • ​Your Token Gift / Support
  • ​Your Growth Stage

​Your monthly support is not to help Vaughn buy his next sports car or $65 million airplane. Your support enables me to spend more time in prayer and study and communing with God, so that I can give you more gems from heaven. Let God move on your heart to show you which option is right for you now. 

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