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Q. Why should I become a member of Vaughn's Tribe?

A.  We all need to be around people that support us in the way we think, the way we live, the way we most need help. We're all broken in some respects and we're all a work in progress. The problem is MOST of the goo-roos out there want all your money up front, and expect you to do what they did immediately. And when you fail, they're all, "NOT MY PROBLEM." Vaughn has people who he's worked with for years to get a breakthrough. That's LOYALTY.

Member Benefits

Vaughn has been involved in membership type organizations since 1998. He was involved in membership coordination for a very old telecommunications industry group. So Vaughn knows about serving members.

Exclusive Access

Access to a wealth of knowledge that is not available online anywhere else on the web. Plus, you'll gain access to new content produced monthly.

Strategies for Real Problems

Vaughn's spend the better part of 2 decades as a futurist/solution's man. There are real issues on the horizon and you'll need real solutions.

No Hassle Cancellation

If you're unhappy, just send Vaughn a note and we'll be happy to cancel your membership at any time. No fuss and no hard feelings.

Q. Is joining a tribe even necessary in today's world?

A.  Truth be told, joining a tribe is even more important now than ever. The world is becoming increasingly fractured and polarized. You see worry, discontentment, anxiety, fear all over the place. Given such conditions it is important more then ever that people have other people that can turn to for help, support, comfort, and more.

Coming Crises

Vaughn has been speaking, writing, and teaching about the threats to our comfortable way of living since the early 2000's. 

Food Insecurity

Since 2008 Vaughn has been advocating for growing food as an alternative to JIT supply systems. You need to know this .

Financial Instability

One of Vaughn's passion is money and global finance along with the local microfinance approach. Are you ready for financial instability?

Fear and Anxiety

Unless you've been living under a rock these past 2 years, you know how the world is in edge. Do you have exit strategies?

Q. Is this going to be very expensive?

A.  Of course Vaughn's charged well for his private and personal coaching services in the past. And if you wanted Vaughn's personal help, it would have cost you a lot back then. Now with the current environment, Vaughn has made digital resources, audios, video lectures, and more available for a very low price so that anyone can afford it.

Q. How do I join?

A.  Get on the waiting list below to get notified when spots open up fo registration!

Get on the waiting list today!

Get on the waiting list today so you can get your tribe membership as soon as Vaughn makes them available. They'll be open for a very short time then closed again. Get on the list. 

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