About Vaughn

Vaughn's a quiet guy on the journey of life trying the do the most good he can on the planet before he expires. Not everyone can be helped or wants to be helped. But for those within his power to help, he does the best that he can to help. He speak to the hearts of his fans and followers. You'll know immediately if you and Vaughn resonate or not. And if you don't, that's okay. Ultimately, Vaughn lives a life of worth. How about you?

Educational Accomplishments

Vaughn believes in life-long learning and has strived for academic excellence in his own life.

certificate/ diplomas

Vaughn obtained various certificates and diplomas in Information Systems Management, Human Resources Management, and Computer Programming.


Vaughn obtained his Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool, UK..

Awards & Achievements

Vaughn's awards and accomplishment in his life speaks to his heart of compassion.

  • Vaughn was honoured with the Hugh Innis Award for Human Rights & Social Justice for his work on behalf of justice and helping the poor.
  • Vaughn's a lifetime inductee in the International Golden Key Honours Society.
  • Vaughn was Conference Committee Chair for the Ryerson University Equity Conference in 2003.
  • Vaughn helped to create a multi-million dollar perpetual bursary system for students Ryerson University through a student led referendum. It will fund bursaries for students as long as the university offers courses.
  • Vaughn has served the poorest of our communities by volunteering in a foodbank and assessing the needs of clients to determine if they qualified for food. (the toughest thing I've ever had to do.)
  • Written more than 80 articles, books, online courses, and still writes on occasion.
  • Vaughn is the patriarch and writing coach of a family of authors who have published more than 40 books between them, and they're still writing more.

Books by Vaughn Berkeley

Vaughn's authored books and been mentioned in books. Here are a few of them.

Coming In The Future

Coming 2022

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Coming Soon

Coming Late 2022

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