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​Watch the video to hear why I'm talking to you out in Canada's cold!

​I wanted to help YOU get the most out of 2020!

Here's a recent experience to highlight this very problem!!!​

  • I write some of the most incredible content out there. It's not my own opinion of it. My personal opinion is that my writing is not good enough. I'm telling you what people tell me about my writing!
  • Writing is always hard when you are looking at a blank page. I learned to overcome this and I show you how.
  • Want to learn how to get great ideas for content every morning... check out session 1
  • Want to exploit a secret weapon on twitter to explode your reach... session 1
  • Know how to exploit your competition for your benefit... session 1
  • Even the ravings of a frustrated blogger can be content...  learn how in session 1
  • #14 tells you how to get content where 99.999% of people never think of looking
  • If you love books like me, then #18 is just the thing you needed
  • This one is a sure fire hit and using #20 can help boost your brand
  • Too busy for creating content but know the value of it... find a solution in session 3
  • #25 had me laughing trying to read it... it so silly it works
  • And there is just so much more in the 35 techniques  I teach you to create content


​10X Content Creation Strategy

​Teach and sharing this knowledge with others bring me the most joy! Which is why I am making a video for you even in the Canadian winter! Now it is up to you to decide if you want to turn 2020 around. ​If you want to have an ever flowing stream of ideas for content, then this course is exactly what you need! 

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​Understand ​What to Do!

​​Get simple techniques that don't require a rocket science degree to implement. 

​Laser Focused Maneuvering

​​Adapt on the fly to suit the needs of the population you serve.

​Content Is King

​​You still have to ​create the content but with these 35 techniques, it's like taking candy from a baby.

​No Advanced Knowledge Needed

​Think you need some special software or advanced knowledge? You DON'T. This is newbie friendly. ​

About ​Your Instructor
Vaughn Berkeley, MBA

​Vaughn Berkeley is a man on a spiritual quest. He's been a writing coach, co-publisher of Canada's Plant-powered Premier Holistic Lifestyle Magazine. He's authored and collaborated on 13 books. He has written over 100 articles since 1998. He loves gardening, earth homes, and helping empower the poor to overcome poverty through micro-businesses. Vaughn's also a project manager and web designer. Vaughn is also a podcaster, an online course instructor, a loving husband and father. Vaughn also does food ministry giving food to the poor monthly.  Vaughn's also a man who is on a quest to live a life of worth!

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My guarantee is to treat you like an adult making an informed decision to buy something. Let's face it, if you reached here, you're already about 80 to 90% ready to buy it. You're looking for me to hold your hand and make this 100% safe. That's not real life nor is it adulting. That 10 to 20% is all you. It's where you will get your courage, your adrenaline rush, your dignity. I refuse to rob a person of that power.  Therefore I encourage you to take as much time as you need. Write our a list of pros and cons, do whatever you need to do to accomplish your adulting.  If you're good enough to decide to buy, then buy, and if not then don't. It's really very easy.

Just to help you, I will be as transparent and clear as I can. There is a 100% no refund policy in effect.