​Greetings and Salutations!

​Dear friend,

Thank you for coming to ​this page. I want to take a moment to welcome you to what I hope will be the moment in your life when everything changes! You see, I want to introduce you to a course that I know can change your life but... I'm not using any flashy sales or glamour technique to introduce it to you.

You'll see that I use plain text in my pages ​because the message is more important to me than the subliminal stuff, the flashy sales pitch, the razzle and dazzle, and everything they teach you in marketing school. It's not about trying to lure in your new sale or prospect. It's about saving a person from quicksand of fruitlessness on earth.

~ Love, Vaughn



​If you attended my session on the Living Food Conference Online Summit 2018, you would have gotten a little taste of the things I wanted to share about escaping the modern rat-race. Can it be done? Yes. Is there a simple and biblical way to achieve the escape. Yes. 

What if I'm not spiritual at all, is this course for me? Absolutely. Even if you're not spiritual, I teach fundamental things we need to understand to get out of the Modern Rat-Race. I'm really excited by it.


As I was working through the course, I realized that many ​people who identify as visible minorities or Christians, or single mothers, or just orinary working folks are struggling in the Rat-Race When did you or I ever opt-in to become part of this Rat-Race? Does simply being born compel others to fit you into a Rat-Race that you don't want to play in or worse, a race that is stacked against you? That's what made me want to create this course for my close family, friends, and tribe supporters. And you too, if you're interested.


​You see, I'm no stranger to hardship. I grew up with a really difficult childhood. Even when I was born, I was a premie (premature baby) and the doctors told my mother (who told me this) that they did not think I would live. Yup, that was the excitement that was my start in life. But no matter where we begin in life, God has a way of working things out in the right time. 

  • Do you know ​THE MODERN RAT-RACE purpose and structure? In this course, I show you ​the simplicity and the marvel of this trap. It's got billions of people trapped inside it and they love it.
  • Do you know ​how to break CHAIN #1 - Housing? In this course, I show how ​ordinary people can break the chain of housing and get into the market. Young people worry they will never be able to own. You don't need to worry. 
  • ​What is the one thing from your youth that is keeping you trapped until today? I discuss this in the course along with a strategy to get free from it.
  • ​How could your health even be used against you? Yes, ​your health can be used against you in the modern rat-race and I tell you how in this course and why you must avoid it.
  • ​Money is always on your brain, isn't it? I explain a couple things about money that will blow your mind and give you a WOW moment.
  • ​Is your Spiritual life ineffective? I tell you ​in this course how too many Christians are not really using their spiritual insights and gifts to break free and what you need to do.
  • ​Putting together a game plan! ​What do you do after you have all the information? You need a game plan. That's covered in module 7 of the course.


  • A series of video presentations/modules (7 presentations)
  • You get access to one presentation each day over a 7 day period.
  • You ​get access ​to worksheets that accompany each course.
  • I'll add you to my prayer list while you do the course.
  • You won't be able to look at the Rat Race life the same way again.


​Beloved, ​my sales page isn't flashy. In fact, I may not have even "SOLD" you on the idea that you even need this course. If this is not for you, it's not for you, and that's okay too.  This course is for someone who knows what I stand for and knows my life-time trying to help the poor, the needy, and those who are left out in society. I created this course to help those who want help. A healthy person does not need a doctor and someone who does not think they are in a Modern Rat Race does not need an escape!

If you know you're in the rat-race and want to break free, then this course is for you.



​In my heart, I'm trying to balance the need to deliver high quality material affordably along with the need to provide more value to my tribe and I believe the payment options I came up with are the best options. You can see I'm transparent below. Just select the option which suits you.

My payment system is ​heart-based.

Here's how it works:

  • Option 1 - ​LFC 2018 LISTENERS:  ​This is a limited time offer I made to attendees of my session in the Living Food Conference Online Summit 2018. If you attended my session and entered your name for this course, then you can use this option. I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time. Once I verify that you are indeed on the LFC list, you'll access will be approved. DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU DID NOT SIGN-UP AT THE LFC 2018.

  • Option 2 - ​NON-MEMBER: ​This is the regular price for non-members of my tribe.  

  • Option 3 - ​TRIBE MEMBER: ​As one of my monthly tribe supporters, you get discounted access to my online courses. Not a tribe member but want to join CLICK HERE



​Grateful for your patronage.




​Grateful for your patronage.




Do you realise that the money back guarantee is designed to make you feel better to buy knowing that 99% of people never claim their money back. Sigh. We should have a better and more ​Divine standard. I ​have a strict no REFUND POLICY on my digital products because once you consume them, I can't take the knowledge out of your brain. That said, if you buy the course, and you never login and and consume the content and our system shows that you did not login, then if you want a refund before the 10 days from your purchase date are up, send me a note and I'll look after it. 

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