​Greetings and Salutations!

​Dear friend,

Thank you for coming to ​this page. I want to take a moment to welcome you to what I hope will be the moment in your life when everything changes! You see, I want to introduce you to a course that I know can change your life but... I'm not using any flashy sales or glamour technique to introduce it to you.

You'll see that I use plain text in my pages that are spiritual. Why? Because I fundamentally believe that God should be first on such a page. It's not about trying to lure in your new sale or prospect. It's about saving a person from quicksand of fruitlessness on earth. 

~ Love, Vaughn



Ever got a book that you could not put down? You just wanted to read it and read it and even fought against sleep to try to keep going! Well, as I was developing this course, I felt like that. I actually found myself almost feeling sick that I had to go back to work instead of staying working through the course. 


As I was working through the course, I realized that many churches are not teaching these principles to those people who are longing for a relationship with our saviour. I was sad for them. I was angry that this is happening today. I was thankful to God for leading me to this information.


The Holy Spirit of God is the most precious treasure from heaven that we should seek night and day until we have confirmation of the Holy Spirit from our heavenly Father!

  • Do you know if you or someone around you has the true Holy Spirit or a Spirit of deception? In this course, I show you how to know, just like the ancients used to know.
  • Do you know for sure Who is the Holy Spirit? In this course, I show how many people have been led to believe the Holy Spirit is not what it is and so are looking for the wrong 'Spirit'. 
  • What is the one guaranteed way from heaven to prove the presence of the Holy Spirit? I discuss this in the course.
  • Are there other signs given from heaven to prove an individual? Yes, there are more and spiritual leaders don't want you to know because they would fail the test, big time. I tell you in this course.
  • Can we drive the Holy Spirit out of us after we receive it? Yes, there is a way to do it that devils use for centuries. I'll tell you how so you can defend yourself.
  • What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit? I tell you them in this course too.
  • What are the Blessings of the Holy Spirit? If you have not received them, then you need to find out in this course.


  • A series of video presentations ( 7 presentations between 30 mins to 1 hour each)
  • You get access to one presentation each day over a 7 day period.
  • You ​get access ​to worksheets that accompany each course.
  • I'll add you to my prayer list while you do the course.
  • You won't be able to look at life the same way again.


​Beloved, our mission on earth is not to become saintly pew-warners just giving money to the 'business of church'. Our mission is to be out there reaching the sick, the poor, the homeless, the widows, the orphans, those who don't yet know the love of our Creator and Father in heaven. If you choose to stay in the pew, your bottom may be warm but you heart will grow cold!


​Our loving and gracious heavenly father impressed on my heart to setup the pricing structure for the course below. You see, I'm so sick and tire of the wolves in society fleecing the flock of God lost and scattered. I know some of you have spent thousands of dollars behind ungodly people who sold you things which could not bear fruit in your life. I get that. I been there.

My payment system is more righteous I believe in my heart.

Here's how it works:

  • Option 1 - Very Poor / Homeless:  If you are so very poor and living in poverty, then spending $50 on a course is unwise for sure. And if you are homeless and couchsurfing at a friend or family member, then for sure you don't have that kind of money to spend. So for you, I have the lowest price I can do short of FREE. It still costs me money to host the course and deliver it to you so, this token amount will help offset some of my costs. I'm not going to make you jump through hoops or anything. I'm trusting you to do right and I'm asking you to remember me in your prayers and as your finances improve, bless me with financial support.

  • Option 2 - I'm Average: A lot of Christians are just living average lives suffering from day to day, spending their money on useless things of this world designed to keep them poor and the keep the work of God languishing for funds. I know of that scenario. So if you're in this group, I still want to make it easy for you to access this course. This discount is for you.

  • Option 3 - I'm Blessed: You've been blessed like Boaz. You are doing well financially and you have no issue paying the full price to take the course because you know that it is going to a worker in the kingdom of God. God has blessed you with resources and you feel good that you can pay money. It's no good in heaven anyway, right? This option is for you with my humble appreciation.



​I'm really poor or homeless. I need God's touch in my life to get out of this dump. I'm grateful for your kindness.




​I'm an average person, my spiritual life is not all that. I need a discount as I'm not there yet.




Do you realise that the money back guarantee is designed to make you feel better to buy knowing that 99% of people never claim their money back. Sigh. We should have a better and more Godly standard. I ​have a strict no REFUND POLICY on my digital products because once you consume them, I can't take the knowledge out of your brain. That said, if you buy the course, and you never login and and consume the content and our system shows that you did not login, then if you want a refund before the 10 days from your purchase date are up, send me a note and I'll look after it. 

Copyright 2018. Vaughn Berkeley.